When you go on a date or to a job interview, you will clean yourself up to make a good impression. Well, your website is your face on the internet. If you have a sloppy or slow website, it is almost like showing up to a job interview with a black eye. If you are new to this, there are a few ways to tell if you need a new website.

Your Design Doesn’t Tell A Story

There is a practice in marketing known as branding. It can be observed across virtually every industry, including politics and restaurants. Subway brands itself as a provider of fresh food. As a website owner, there are a few images that you want to convey during the design process to develop your brand and tell your story. Depending on your industry, they could be creativity, professionalism, or excitement. Think about your WordPress web design and whether it really captures the spirit of your business.

Your Design Is Not Appealing

This is more important than you might think. An attractive web design is just as critical as the content. Consumers are not going to take you seriously if your website is unattractive.

Your Website Is Not Search Engine Friendly

Aesthetics are not the only element to consider during the design process. SEO (search engine optimization) will have to be built into your site. When somebody searches for a question related to your industry on Google, your website should appear high on the results. This can be accomplished by applying SEO criteria to your web design.

There are some SEO rules of thumb that might seem easy to implement at first blush, but they are not. You might think that you could use a few focus keywords in your content to help your traffic. While that is true, there is also the issue of how many times per article you should use your keyword. You will have to find the balance between underusing it and keyword stuffing (making your writing seem unnatural).

Another issue to consider is that search engines prioritize websites with faster loading time. The problem is that you might not know enough about coding to identify what is slowing your load time.

Also, you might not know some basic branding information that will impact your SEO score. For example, if you change your website’s name, that could diminish your rating and hurt your brand.

Overall, discerning SEO criteria can be a little complicated. But since spammers exploit the system, search engines are frequently updating their criteria. Many entrepreneurs think it is wise to outsource to our Boston web design company.

Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

This is one of the most frequent problems that our Boston web design company encounters. Consumers actually browse more on phones and tablets than on a computer. If they come to a website that is only optimized for desktop browsing, it will have some functional problems and slow load times. Typically, this will lead them to find another website.

Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine

Your website should be the nexus of your digital marketing activities. It provides fodder for your social media accounts and informs users about your company. However, static websites do not get much attention. You need to be able to produce frequent informative content, (especially long-form content) about your industry.

There are plenty of articles on the internet that merely provide a survey of an issue. Your website should go beyond that, addressing both frequent and infrequent problems. Otherwise your content will just be the same regurgitated material that people find on every other website on the internet. After producing a lot of high-quality content, consumers will come to your site for information and then have you in mind when they want to make a purchase.

Of course, it will be a little more complicated than just producing content. You need to know how to effectively advertise an RSS feed, implement internal and external links and use a call to action. Our St Augustine web design company can guide you through the process and multiply your leads.

Your Website Is Not Easy To Update And Upload New Content

Platforms such as WordPress make updates easy. There are a few good reasons for this, but the primary one is security. When hackers learn your interface, they can get into your website and steal your customer’s information. WordPress provides regular updates to stay ahead of them. Further, website updates typically come to with maintenance repairs. They will improve your loading time and repair any bugs.

Also, uploading content needs to be an easy process because content will drive your traffic and sales. People have no reason to browse your website or continuously return to it if there is nothing new. A new website could simplify the process for you.

You Are Not Getting Enough Business Through Your Site

There could be several reasons that you are not seeing a substantial return on investment. One of the most frequent is that your website is not very clear. When people come to your site, they need to be able to immediately learn what your company does. It should be stamped on the header of every page. Also an ‘About Us’ section should be instantly accessible.

Further, it could be that you are not developing relationships with your clients. Some entrepreneurs do things to transcend the business-to-customer paradigm. Share your narrative. Consumers love hearing the story of the underdog. Promote something that your customers are doing (like a GoFundMe campaign). Endorse a non-controversial charity to show them that you are driven by shared values. Give them a reason to like you as a person rather than just a business.

But it can be difficult to know why you are not getting business without assessing your site. If you contact our St Augustine web design company, our specialists can direct you to the path that leads into financial prosperity.