As a company that provides Internet services such as advertising on social networks, we can give you some helpful pointers when it comes to understanding social marketing on Facebook and how their algorithm works.

When it comes to marketing, you want your business to be viewed by many users which can help you gain more exposure by appearing in more news feeds. However, Facebook is much more than just a simple social network. The social networking website is always making algorithm changes using an automatic ranking process which is becoming more and more frequent. Facebook can be used as an excellent advertising tool as long as you have a solid understanding on how this algorithm works.

The Facebook algorithm likes:

  • posts with numerous likes, comments, and shares
  • posts that receive likes or are shared by at least one friend
  • posts that create interactivity, very engaging
  • posts that customers have preference vs other types, including video, photos, change in status.
  • videos posted on Facebook that have many views, longer view time
  • posts about current popular topic
  • posts from pages that are updated frequently and provide useful, relevant, interesting content for the user

The Facebook algorithm dislikes:

  • like – baiting, video click-baiting, vote-baiting, react-baiting, share-baiting, tag-baiting, and comment-baiting
  • posts that contain spam links
  • posts that are reused/rephrased in a short period of time
  • posts that are hidden/reported
  • posts that are requesting likes, votes or shares
  • posts that are promoting and asking the customer to buy something, which requires login somewhere else
  • posts which encourage users to enter contest, overly pushing users to purchase service
  • Long link load time
  • High bounce-rate on articles (click-bait)
  • posts that are low – quality (examples include minimal useful content, malicious advertising)