A cloud-based suite of smart tools to help you operate, manage and grow your practice.


Leads and contacts, organized in one place.

Our software integrates seamlessly with all of your online digital presence:  your website, marketing landing pages, Facebook business page and social media accounts, mailing list campaigns and more.

New and existing patients can easily book a consultation or appointment based on your availability. Assign appointments to different staff members, organize your bookings and available time slots, and run your practice more efficiently.

Flexible and Functional

Allow new and existing patients and clients to book appointments to come into your clinic, attend a telemedicine session, or in-home visits.

You can determine which type of appointments and consultations to offer, whenever or wherever you or your staff are available.


Headache-free billing system

Determine when and how to charge your patients. Our software enables you to charge for consultations and appointments, copays and other charges. Integrate our software directly with your business bank account.



Cloud-based, encrypted, HIPPA compliant data management, and 99.9% upkeep



OTA updates with no downloads. Our software is compatible with any browser and operating system


Easy To Use

Simple yet powerful. Our system was designed with usability in mind. Tutorials and support available 24/7



Easily integrate with your website, social media pages, marketing campaigns, and dozens of other plugin integrations

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